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Cribbs Motorsports Provides Power Scooter Brake Replacement 

Head over to our Savannah Service Center to revise, repair, clean, or replace your power scooter’s brakes. We highly recommend seeing us every 3-6 months to check your power scooter’s brake lines, wheel bearings, brake pads, cable wear, overall brake function, and fork seals. You can also visit us in accordance with the regular intervals recommended in your owner’s manual–doing so helps ensure your safety on the road in addition to prolonging the lifespan of your power scooter!

How Do I Know My Power Scooter Needs Brake Services?

While we always recommend consulting your original owner’s manual, you can also contact us to inquire if your brakes need attention. Alternatively, you can keep the following poor brake function indications in mind and schedule service when you notice them:

  • Brake behavior becomes less responsive

  • Squeaking or squealing sounds occur upon braking

  • You notice you must brake sooner and longer to arrive at a complete stop


Why Schedule Power Scooter Brake Replacement Near Me With Cribbs Motorsports?

We employ knowledgeable, experienced, and certified power sports technicians and mechanics. They’ll know exactly how to diagnose and repair your power scooter brake issue. They’re also here to help you find and order the perfect OEM brake replacement or component to enhance and prolong your power scooter brake life. We also offer quick and easy genuine power scooter brake part ordering online. Allow our Cribbs Motorsport industry experts to assist you in making power scooter routine brake maintenance a breeze!


Repair and Replace Your Power Scooter’s Brakes in Savannah

Don’t hesitate to contact our service team if you encounter technical issues when scheduling a power scooter brake replacement appointment online. Conveniently located at 2007 Alaska Street in Savannah, our doors are open to you when repair and replacement service questions pop up!

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