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We are glad to be a Serving Site for the MASSIMO product. If you have any of the Massimo Motor Sports at your house please contact to schedule your Service with us.

Cribbs Custom
Scooter Maintenance 

Scooter maintenance is very important because the engine has to work harder then on a car. We
recommend and encourage our customers to pay attention to a regular maintenance to prolong a scooter
engine life. Please make sure you are using the correct gas and check/change the oil every 1000 miles.
If you buy a new scooter please change your first oil at 300 miles.

What we Offer:

Oil Change
 Oil change with Lukas treatment
 Scooter/ATV Carburetor Adjustment, Cleaning, and Replacement
 Scooter Valve Adjustment
 Scooter/ATV Troubleshooting
 Scooter/ATV Tire Change
 Scooter/ATV lights Replacement
 Scooter/ATV Air Filter Replacement
 Scooter CVT Belt Replacement
 Scooter Clutch Replacement
 Scooter/ Dirt Bikes Throttle Cable Replacement
 Scooter Muffler Adjustment and Replacement
 Scooter/Dirt Bike Brake Cleaning and/or Replacement
 Scooter Spark Plug Replacement
 Wheel and Steering Bearings Check

Need to make a service, part, or pick-up referral request? We have you covered.
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