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Oil Change for Power Scooter

At Cribbs Motorsports we highly recommend understanding your power scooter’s oil change needs. As a general rule of thumb and depending on the brand and size of your power scooter, it’s a great idea to service engine oil every 250-2,000 miles. However, your owner’s manual will advise the most appropriate intervals. Keep reading to find out more about the benefits of regular scooter maintenance and how you can tell it’s time for a power scooter engine oil change at our Savannah Service Center!

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Benefits of Power Scooter Oil Change Service with Cribbs Motorsports

In addition to prolonging the life of your power scooter, you can rest assured that you’ll also enjoy the following advantages of regular oil change services with us:

  • When well-lubricated with clean oil, your scooter’s engine parts increase overall performance in your vehicle

  • Proper engine oil care also removes dirt, sludge, and potential debris buildup–allowing your scooter to handle and ride more smoothly

  • Overall MPG improves with proper engine oil maintenance 

How Do I Know That My Power Scooter Needs an Oil Change?

The following indicators will help tip you off to the potential need for an oil change:

  • When revving or starting the engine, or when changing gears, you notice there’s more noise than usual

  • If your power scooter’s engine oil can be analyzed with a dipstick, and the color on the stick comes back thick and black

  • The engine feels much hotter than it usually does

  • If you can see that the oil’s color is black when consulting the inspection window on applicable power scooters 

Depending on your scooter’s make and model, you may be expecting an engine oil change every 250 miles, every 1000 miles, or roughly every 6 months. We can clarify which interval applies to you when you visit us today!


Power Scooter Service and Oil Change Near Me in Savannah

Feel free to give us a call to schedule oil change services for your power scooter today. Cribbs Motorsports is your trusted service provider for all things scooter! We’re conveniently located at 2007 Alaska Street in Savannah, GA and we’re proud to serve you.

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