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new scooter for sale in savannah

How Fast Can A Scooter Go: Understanding Scooter Speed With Cribbs Motorsports

Think of our new scooters for sale as being related to the moped family. Like most mopeds, scooters come with engines that are classified as being anywhere from 50 to 250 cubic centimeters (cc). That measurement corresponds to the displacement capacity of the power-producing piston in gas engines. Having a displacement measurement that spans from 50-250cc normally means that a scooter can reach maximum speeds of up to 60-70 miles per hour. Generally, the larger the displacement measurement, the faster the vehicle travels.

What Are The Top Scooter Speeds in Savannah?

Within our current inventory, we have a variety of speedy, powerful scooters for our Savannah community members. Below we have an estimated speed guide for select brands–but be sure to contact us with questions about the specific model that you’re interested in. The following is not an exhaustive list:

  • Ice Bear: up to 50 mph

  • LIFAN KPV (150cc): 65 mph

  • Peace Sport: up to 55 mph

  • Retro/Racing (49cc): 30 mph

  • Amigo (150cc): 55-65 mph


Why Buy A Scooter For Sale Near Me?

Scooters are much less intimidating in comparison to motorcycles. However, this also comes with much easier handling and, often, lower and safer operating speeds. Due to the smaller-wheelbase design of scooters vs. the larger wheels of motorcycles, you can handle the vehicle much more expertly–especially at lower speeds. Cribbs Motorsports also offers deals for your next scooter purchase with us!


Test Drive New Scooters For Sale With Cribbs Motorsports

As your premier scooter dealer in Savannah, we take pride in selling high-performance scooters to our neighbors. Trust us with scooter brake replacement or scooter oil change maintenance, education, and handling tips when you shop your new pair of wheels with us at Cribbs Motorsports. Conveniently located at 2007 Alaska Street for all of our customers, we can't wait to see you today! 

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